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Your partner for the installation and maintenance of your supply chain conveyor systems

A historical expertise of intralogistics

UT Automation

UT Automation is a subsidiary of UVOTec, which for over 20 years has specialised in the marketing of ergonomic handling equipment for the logistics sector, for the loading and unloading of non-palletised bulk goods.

UT Automation

We can help you install, maintain and repair your conveyor systems. Our long-standing expertise in handling solutions guarantees a quality service, close to you.

UT Automation - Installation

We install

Whether gravity, motorized, extensible, flexible, or telescopic, we install your conveyors throughout France to improve the productivity of your supply chain, while offering your operators better ergonomics.

UT Automation - Maintenance

We maintain

To ensure that your systems don't come to a halt unexpectedly, we carry out maintenance operations to guarantee that your supply chain remains as efficient as possible.

UT Automation - Repair

We repair

In the event of a breakdown, we will repair your conveyors as quickly as possible, thanks to our qualified team and the sourcing of quality materials.